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War Against Poverty and Social Inequality

War Against Poverty and Social Inequality

The NGO Council of Kenya has declared an all out war against poverty and social inequality stressing that the country must bridge the rich-poor gap in the shortest time possible before the situation blows out of control.

Addressing a press conference today in Nairobi, Council Chairman Stephen Kipchumba Cheboi said following peaceful elections witnessed on August 9 2022, the country had shown tenacity of its public institutions but which must strive to turn a fresh leaf and embrace the economic mitigation plan to rescue the less fortunate through the Hustler Fund.
Cheboi welcomed the pledge by President William Ruto to establish a Hustler Fund that will start lending soft loans to small scale low income groups mainly of millions of youth in the informal sector and some without jobs who freely roam urban centres in such of a livelihood.
He said Kenyans should give the Kenya Kwanza time to deliver on its election manifesto urging wananchi to avoid being lured by base less propaganda by political actors out to fish in troubled rivers. "Its too early to start giving the government a score card on its performance when it barely one month in office much as we appreciate the enormity of the problems facing the common man.
Cheboi praised President Ruto for disbanding the lawless crack squad in the police force that seemed to answer to nobody and is accused of engaging in extra judicial killings of people who have been going missing around the country. "This is a clear manifestation by the government that it is committed to to the rule of law and will not allow unruly elements to subject peace loving wananchi to the law of the jungle."
The president, he said had taken critical steps since assuming office in the right direction geared towards securing the country but urged that more needs to be done on the question of famine ravaging 29 counties where up to 4 million people are at risk of starvation.
He renewed calls to stakeholders to urgently intervene in the famine stricken regions saying county government leaders must lead from the front and ensure no Kenyan anywhere dies of hunger. "Let this mission be replicated in the entire horn and east African countries where millions are staring at hunger worsened by high poverty levels" he said.
"As the world marks international day against poverty let emphasis be put on Africa which has the highest poverty levels in the world," he said. 

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The Non-Governmental Organizations Council of Kenya exist to preserve, strengthen and promote voluntary action and self regulation of NGOs sector in pursuit of a just, equitable and sustainable development in Kenya. We are established under The Non-governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act, (Laws of Kenya) with a mandate of self Regulation, Capacity building and policy intervention for the NGOs Sector. We celebrate our outstanding 30 years of charitable community service in Kenya.