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Happy Mashujaa Day

Happy Mashujaa Day

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NGOs- KENYA CELEBRATES ALL  DURING MASHUJAA DAY 20TH OCTOBER 2022. Mashujaa Day is celebrated  TODAY October 20th, Mashujaa Day is also known as Heroes' Day. It is a public holiday to honour all Kenyans who have contributed towards the struggle for Kenya's independence. 

The National Council of NGOs (The NGOs Council of Kenya) takes this opportunity to celebrate all NGOs both local and international for the great work they do for our nation to make difference in people’s lives, we are grateful to all Kenyans for the great support they accord to local and international organisations who serve Kenyans and humanity in different ways.  We further thank the Government for the great work they do to serve the people. The NGO Council of Kenya celebrates all during this auspicious occasion. We remain committed to be servants  and provide selfless service to humanity.  The NGOs Council of Kenya provides proactive Leadership in the NGOs/CSOs Sector in Kenya as it enhances the self-regulation of NGOs and assists them to realize their potential in improving services that improve the socio-economic status of Kenyan society in pursuit of sustainable development. We are grateful to alll stakeholders as we look forward to your continued collaborations and support. Thank you all, HAPPY MASHUJAA DAY 2022. #Together for a better Kenyan society.

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The Non-Governmental Organizations Council of Kenya exist to preserve, strengthen and promote voluntary action and self regulation of NGOs sector in pursuit of a just, equitable and sustainable development in Kenya. We are established under The Non-governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act, (Laws of Kenya) with a mandate of self Regulation, Capacity building and policy intervention for the NGOs Sector. We celebrate our outstanding 30 years of charitable community service in Kenya.