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Congratulations To All Nominated PSs

Congratulations To All Nominated PSs

The National Council of NGOs would like to CONGRATULATE all PSs nominated by H.E The President Dr. William Samoei Ruto several of the nominated PSs are experienced career civil servants and we hope if approved by the National assembly they will serve the country with great dedication for the netter, we wish them all the best as they undergo the various processes of law to be in the office. The National Council of NGOs and its NGOs/CSOs Membership will work with each of the Nominated PSs to serve the country. 

The Council further lauds H.E the president for nominating experienced leaders to lead the various ministries in the country as we humbly ask his Excellency to keep considering all parts of the nation fairly in future appointments.
The NGO council is an umbrella body that brings together all registered NGOs in Kenya. It has a current membership of over,12000 members comprising international, regional and local NGOs. The NGO Council provides overall leadership to the NGOs Sector. The Council of NGOs   champions the key values of probity, transparency, accountability, justice and good governance, Climate change, Health, Gender and development, Children’s rights, poverty alleviation, Peace, Population, Training, Counselling small scale enterprises, disability and any other issues that affect society at large. We enhance the self-regulation of our NGOs and assist them to realize their potential in improving services that improve the socio-economic status of Kenyan society in pursuit of sustainable development. 
As NGO Council of Kenya we shall continue playing a role and our local and international NGO Members to support the efforts by the Government. 

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The Non-Governmental Organizations Council of Kenya exist to preserve, strengthen and promote voluntary action and self regulation of NGOs sector in pursuit of a just, equitable and sustainable development in Kenya. We are established under The Non-governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act, (Laws of Kenya) with a mandate of self Regulation, Capacity building and policy intervention for the NGOs Sector. We celebrate our outstanding 30 years of charitable community service in Kenya.