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National "White Ribbon" Campaign For Peace

The National Council of NGOs in Kenya on  Tuesday August 30 2022 launched a massive Countrywide "White Ribbon" CAMPAIGN to advocate for Peace ahead of the supreme court presidential petition verdict. The Council unveiled its core mission values to uphold social and economic justice which can only prevail when there is peace saying the ruling to be announced on September 5 following disputed presidential results need not divide the country. Addressing a press briefing in Nairobi, council Chairman Stephen K. Cheboi told several representatives of 12,000 affiliate member NGOs  and stakeholders representing various stakeholders including the Youths,Women's, religious representatives and the Elders that once again civil society was facing the heavy responsibility of preaching Peace and uniting Kenyans no matter the decision that will come from the highest court in the land that cannot be challenged.

Chairman Stephen Cheboi supported by several other speakers, stressed the need for the country to stand united regardless of who will be declared winner or if the country will once again go for repeat elections.
"No matter the verdict what we are saying is that the country of  about 50 million Kenyans is greater than  all of us including leaders seeking the presidency" Cheboi said.
He said the petition filed by former prime minister Azmio's Raila Odinga against the President-Elect Dr. William Ruto was within the legal and constitutional framework of the country's laws and all parties must agree to abide by the decision once a verdict is finally reached.
Several speakers urged Kenyan youth to stop being misled into violent acts by politicians whose children are never near scenes of chaos. "Let those chest thumping hardliners involve their children and not use others to die for them" said several speakers at the press-cum-peace launch media briefing. Cheboi said when the supreme court finally makes its decision after evaluating evidence before it within the constitutional time-frame all parties must agree to adhere by the verdict so the country can move on. 
"Election is a process that needs to come to an end" he said noting losers always can live to fight another day without disrupting peace and tranquility in the country. All NGO members and leaders will from today wear white ribbons and preach peace including holding quiet demos as the country awaits the supreme court verdict on the presidential petition lodged by Raila against IEBC declaration of Ruto as the winner of the hotly contested August 9 poll. Peace is Paramount in Kenya.

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The Non-Governmental Organizations Council of Kenya exist to preserve, strengthen and promote voluntary action and self regulation of NGOs sector in pursuit of a just, equitable and sustainable development in Kenya. We are established under The Non-governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act, (Laws of Kenya) with a mandate of self Regulation, Capacity building and policy intervention for the NGOs Sector. We celebrate our outstanding 30 years of charitable community service in Kenya.