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African climate Summit..report by Rexton Muriuki

African climate Summit..report by Rexton Muriuki

As the National Council of NGO's Kenya we strongly support the action of our president on tackling the SDG13 climate action where he hosted the African Climate Summit 2023 inviting all African leaders to find solutions to climate change and push for climate resilience and climate adaptation

We support the following declarations made by the African leaders who attended the summit

1Global emissions must be cut by 45%in this decade -this will help to accelerate all efforts to reduce emissions to align with goals set forth in the Paris Agreement

2. Africa climate summit be held once every 2year -We support this since it will enable us to account , monitor and evaluate the progress of climate adaptation and resilience among the African countries and utilization of funds in projects

3.Polluting nation's must pay sh 100billion annually.The highest polluting nations contribute more to climate change due to high industrialization,hence they should be at the fore front to finance projects in climate resilience in affected African countries

4.Make global financial systems fair to Africa -We support this since the loans granted by the west are of unfair agreements where they improvise the continent

5.Africa to pursue green non polluting growth -Africa should indulge in eco-friendly methods of production and adaption of renewable energy techniques

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